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Derailer Bicycle Collective
Catégorie : Magasin
Statut : Espace public
Etat : Ouvert
Date, horaires : Next Help Day: Sunday, November 22nd 1-4 p.m. Closure Dates: Thursday, November 26th: Thanksgiving
Description: Derailer Bicycle Collective is a free, volunteer run community bike shop. We offer bikes, parts, the use of tools, and one on one maintanance training to everyone. We teach comprehensive bike know-how: everything from fixing a flat to building a wheel. You don't just drop your bike off while we fix it, we work with you and, if needed, teach you how to fix whatever is wrong with your bike. For more specific information about our programs, visit the Programs section.

All of this is free, and we operate entirely on community support and donations; if you would like to donate to Derailer, including bicycles or tools, please visit the Donate section. Mission Statement

Because we believe bicycles are the most affordable, sustainable, efficient, healthy, environmentally friendly, FUN, and liberating form of transportation and recreation, the Derailer Bicycle Collective aims to teach and share knowledge about bikes and bike maintenance to anyone and everyone. We operate a communal, volunteer-run bike shop on the West side of Denver complete with bicycles, tools, parts and skills-free and open to anyone who desires to use it. The shop seeks to promote bike use, self-empowerment and education by giving people free access to everything they need to repair and maintain their own bicycles, and also provide an opportunity for Denver's bike-less to build or borrow one.

Because we believe that our culture is unnecessarily wasteful and overly-dependent on cars, we save bicycles that have been discarded, abandoned, neglected, or otherwise rendered unused, and try to get them back out on the roads again.


Localisation (Éditer)

411 Lipan St., Denver CO 80204
Coordonnées GPS:39.72357/-105.00180
Pays : États-Unis d'Amérique
Région : Colorado
Code postal :
Ville : Denver
Adresse précise : 411 Lipan St., Denver CO 80204
Compléments sur l'adresse :

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