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Gåvopunkt Kville
Catégorie : Magasin
Statut : Espace semi-public
Etat : Ouvert
Date, horaires :
Embracing community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation and sharing. Presently the focus is on free food but as soon as possible we are gonna open up for other things such as books, clothes, kitchengear etc. Why do we do this? To strengthen cooperation and communion in society to reduce the strain on Mother Earth. We believe that a network based on unconditional cooperation can free time and energy that could be used to bring the change we need as individuals and for society at large. We see this initiative as a meeting point and an open sharing space modeled after the gift economy concept where we can share services, things and ideas. The belief is that it will promote a more conscious and functional way of handling our common resources. Everyone is encouraged to contribute and be the change we want to see in the world... Questions / proposals / viewpoints are highly appreciated. Enjoy, relax and share ♥.

Coordonnées GPS:
Pays: Suède
Région: Västra Götalands län
Code postal:
Ville: Gbg
Adresse précise: Gothenburg. There is a freeshop Gåvopunkt Kville, see this Facebook group. You can also find it at Vårvädergatan 11 in Hisingen. For contact, call Johan +46 701 42 57 72 or Helena +46 709 40 61 44

Créateur de la page: Benjamin Grassineau
Le contenu du site, un site gratuit et convivial pour échanger librement, sans argent et sans troc, ainsi que toute contribution à ce site, sauf mentions contraires, est placé sous une licence culturelle non-marchande.
Site gratuit, sans publicité, à but non lucratif, ouvert à tous ceux qui souhaitent réaliser des échanges non-marchands ou simplement partager leurs savoirs et leurs savoir-faire.
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